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LB: Since I have a 'day job' I have to structure my time. I have an old school desk center drawer and hutch set up on the landing outside the bedrooms. Out there I don't bother my sleeping family. If I have an early meeting I still try to write something every day. I am not a night person so I use my evenings to answer emails and do research.

LC: What sends you running to the computer or reaching for a notebook to jot thoughts or ideas? LB: Any time I hear or read something with a twist or odd sense to it, I'm either writing it down or recording it. I carry a small tape recorder in my car and I have one next to my bed for all those 'great' two a. The idea for The Station Master came from a two inch article in the local chamber flyer on how Lisle moved the old depot to the historic park.

From that I leaped to a dead body in an abandoned train station trunk. Go figure! LC: Knowing you, I have no problem believing that! We discussed this at Love Is Murder. Would you tell us how you promote your books? LB: Promotion is always the stumbling block for writers--it's counter intuitive to what we do. I start a postcard campaign to everyone I've every known almost two months before the new book comes out. I try to garner names and addresses at speaking events by having a free drawing at the end of the talk.

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I start calling the bookstores three months before pub date to set up signings on the weekends. At about the same time I send postcards or booklets first chapter to librarians about and at five months before the book is out my publisher and I send out about 50 advanced reading copies to reviewers. After the book comes out you have about three months to promote the heck out of it. After that it's back to general promoting of the series by any methods, internet or print, of keeping your series in front of readers.

The goal is that eventually readers are storming the book stores asking for the books. Ah, would that it were so! LC: Yes, indeedy! You often do signings with other authors.

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How does that work for you? LB: In a book fair venue it works well.

Everyone is more or less standing or sitting after 6 hours smiling and chatting with readers walking up and down the aisles. Sort of like 'quick pitch' selling. So these books are not only historically but I think intrinsically interesting. Like Ernst Juenger and Steven Byington, Dora Marsden was profoundly influenced by the great "egoist" and "atheist" Max Stirner whose thought actually transcended those categories , and like Juenger and Byington somewhat mysteriously ended her days as a Christian.

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Download Now. Jump to Page. Search inside document. You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 13 to 19 are not shown in this preview. Buy the Full Version. Grace Marsden follows the thin thread of a murder committed fifty years ago right to the steps of the college and into the lives of alumnae.

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  7. The search for the truth puts Grace, her husband and their friends in danger. She has rattled the chains of a fifty-year old mystery and somebody living wants to stop her dead in her tracks. Now a killer stalks her down long forgotten corridors.

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    Evil is intent on repeating history from a night a half century ago. The Rosary Bride , by Luisa Buehler, begins as follows: Chapter One Barely muted by the crash of shattered stone on wood flooring, a shouted expletive reverberated off the high ceiling of Regina College's stately library. Sudden silence gripped the room as a dozen heads swung simultaneously to stare wideeyed at the two red-faced tradesmen planted toe-to-toe in front of the massive stone fireplace. The taller of the pair, a beefy fellow with hard eyes and a stubborn chin, stood bunched in a boxer's stance, his right arm cocked, his hand balled into a fist.

    The shorter man held his ground, but he seemed more shellshocked than ready to fight.