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Jamie Mr. Posch,I follow the Divine Iamblichus' beliefs on the nature of Godhood.

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Mother Earth governs the physical matter of the surface world. She is not Anthony Gresham I tend to view Spirit as quintessence the fifth element. Because of Posch, Hooray for Krampus! Anthony Gresham When I visit my sister Barbara for Thanksgiving the big dishes are set out buffet style and we help ourselves. I pass on the cornbread stuffing, and Steven Posch Conversely, I used to get all bent out of shape when someone would wish me "Merry Christmas," as if it were some sort of attempt at proselytizing.

Written by Jude Lally. If you're interested in the psychology underpinning Donald Trump and the roots that fostered his way Written by Shawn Sanford Beck. Under the beautiful crisp clear light of the full moon, our extended farm community gathered togethe Written by Steven Posch. One day, while Mother Earth was visiting Athens So begins a story from Robert Graves' Greek Myth A local coven just sent around the invitation to their big public Yule this year.

So far as I can di Written by Molly. May I be inspired. May I be grateful. May I walk in ease and devotion. As I have noted several time Written by Genn John. This week we are visiting crystal questions and answers. These excellent and thoughtful crystal Fields of Gold: Money Attraction Herbs. Written by Cerridwen Greenleaf. As a kitchen witch and gardening enthusiast, I am always seeking to learn more about the power of he Ghost in the Cellar. As kids in early 60s Steeltown, we had a whole repertory of backyard games.

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My favorite was Ghost in Use Your Words: Intention Magic. Witches everywhere. White witch, Black witch,. Good witch, Wicked witch,. Who can tell the difference? Contemporary witch, Coven witch,.

Traditional witch, Kitchen witch,. Hereditary witch, Heath witch,. Who and what are they? Gardnerian witch, Eclectic witch,. Alexandrian witch, Solitary witch,. Nordic witch, Celtic witch,. Feri witch, Wicca witch. But which 'Witch' is which? George Knowles. Part 1. Gardnerian Wicca. In Gardner initiated into his coven Doreen Valiente. Both Gardner and Doreen were greatly influenced by the teachings of Charles Godfrey Leland , and in time the tradition took on elements of Italian Witchcraft. Today the tradition is mainly coven based, and follows an extremely traditional path with a hierarchical grade structure unsuitable for solitary practice.

The Gardnerian covens of today still adhere to the old time values of secrecy, and new initiates are pledged to take oaths upon initiation. The Georgian tradition is an eclectic mix of Gardnerian, Alexandrian and British Traditional practices in that it is an initiatory line and oath-bound. Many of the rituals are similar to those published in various books such as the Farrar 's Eight Sabbats for Witches and The Witches' Way , as well as the privately distributed version of what was later published as Ed Fitch 's Grimoire of the Shadows.

The Georgians are God - Goddess oriented and both religious and magical, they also celebrate the eight Sabbats and encouraged members to learn from all available sources. Working within a framework of Celtic Druidism as defined by a Council of Elders and administered by a Board of Trustees, members of the Henge are dedicated to protecting and preserving Mother Earth, honouring the Ancestors, revering the Spirits of Nature and worshipping the Celtic Gods and Goddesses. The structural framework of the Henge is based on thirteen Core Beliefs and Ethics formulated by the Council of Elders, which are:.

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We believe in divinity as it is manifest in the Celtic pantheons and that Polytheism the belief and worship of more than one deity , P antheism the belief that God is everything and the material world is one and the same thing in which God is present and Animism the belief that nature has a soul, and that all things in nature, i. We believe that nature is the embodiment of the Gods.

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We believe that natural Law reflects the will of the Gods. We believe that all life is Sacred, and should neither be harmed nor taken without deliberation or regard.

How Do I Become a Wiccan Priest or Priestess?

We believe in the immortality of the Spirit. We believe that our purpose is to gain wisdom through experience, and that we may undergo several incarnations to facilitate the variety of experience necessary to gain that wisdom. We believe that learning is an ongoing process, and should be encouraged at all ages.

We believe that morality is a matter of personal conviction based upon self-respect and equally respect for others. We believe that evil is not a matter of inheritance but of intent, therefore, actions are not in themselves evil. Rather, it is through the intent behind actions that evil manifests. We believe that nothing is absolute, and all things, even the Gods, have their dark sides. We believe that every individual has the right to pursue knowledge and wisdom through his or her chosen path.

We believe in honouring the Gods through the cyclical celebrations of our Celtic Ancestors. We believe in a living religion able to adapt to a changing environment; therefore, we recognize that our beliefs may undergo change as our tradition grows. The main aim of the Henge is to provide a religious and spiritual framework through which people can reach their full potential.

In this, special emphasis is placed on spiritual development through ritual participation, mentored training and their own resource materials. Members of the Henge progress through three grades of initiation called rings, a symbolic name derived from the rings of a tree as a measure of its growth, and thus is used as a measure of an initiates attainments and progress within the Henge. The highest ring, that of Oak, also has three grades—Hawthorn, Rowan, and Mistletoe. Advancements are based on time, knowledge and service to either an affiliated grove or the Henge itself. Special provisions are made for those transferring from other Neo-pagan paths, so that those with several years of prior training and experience need not begin at the bottom.

Affiliated groves of the Henge are granted Charters to freely compose and perform their own rituals to suit their own particular needs, criteria and focus, provided that such remain compatible with the above Core Beliefs and Ethics. These are:. The Mistletoe Rite — In ancient times Druids collected Mistletoe on the 6th night of the moon roughly just before the first quarter. This theme extends to healing of the community through a sharing of food and drink. The Sun and Moon are in a position of equilibrium at this time, so they also see this as a time of balance, and a time to seek balance in their own lives.

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  • The Vervain Rite — This rite is also based on ancient Druidic practices, when of old Vervain was gathered at a time when neither sun nor moon was in the sky. This usually occurs during each evening, except when the moon is full. This rite is generally celebrated around the 3rd quarter, which allows time for the performance during the evening hours. It also places the rite opposite to the Mistletoe Rite in the lunar cycle. Vervain is said to be of aid in working magic, as such, the Vervain Rite is their time for working magic. The purpose of magic in a Druidic sense is more like prayer, in which it is used to help effect change in their lives and others.

    In this the rite may involve contemplation, meditation, ritual or ecstatic dance. Smyrna, GA Many Hereditary Witches do not consider their traditions Wiccan, and some admit that they only use the term Wicca because of what they had read about Gardnerian beliefs and practices, which seemed to fit more or less closely with their own beliefs and practices.

    Hereditary traditions are also often referred to as FamTrad, or Family Traditionalists i. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. William Wynn Westcott, Dr. Woodman and S. MacGregor Mathers.

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    The Order was based on a cipher manuscript said to have belonged to an old German occult order. Aleister Crowley was perhaps the most well known member of the order, but membership also included such notables as W. Yeats and A. Some of the texts included Christian elements and members circulated various Catholic and Anglican writings and sermons.